Western Provinces

WestPAR Consultancy is an expert on market access and reimbursement challenges with public payers throughout the western provinces. This includes the general and specialty public programs found west of Ontario in Canada's second largest market.


National Capabilities

National capabilities expand our serves to include Budget Impact Analysis (BIA's),  engagement strategy for pCPA negotiations especially with western lead province, payer landscaping, influence mapping, market impact modeling and Private Payer Submissions.


Private Payers

WestPAR is adept at formulating and implementing successful private payer strategies to improve access and is a seasoned capable partner in full product private payer submissions.


Western Provinces

  • Reimbursement Strategies
  • Market Access Strategies
  • Provincial Submissions
  • Payer Negotiations
  • Hospital Formulary Submissions
  • Landscape Studies
  • Influence Mapping
  • Advisory Boards
  • KOL Advocacy
  • PLA's

National Capabilities & Private Payers

  • pCPA Engagement Strategy
  • pCPA Negotiations with Western Lead Provinces
  • Budget Impact Analysis
  • Market Impact Models
  • Landscape Studies
  • Influence Mapping
  • Private Payer Submissions
  • and Private Payer PLA Negotiations

Have a Pressing Issue?

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